Monday, February 15, 2010

Updates on The Liberty Pen

There are new updates on The Liberty Pen website, including an interview with Mr. Gino DiSimone - an Independent running for the office of Governor in my home state of Nevada. Please stop by for an interesting read.

The Liberty Pen Interviews: Mr. Gino DiSimone

"America’s founding fathers were some of the most amazing, brilliant, bold, assertive men I have ever learned about. I am sickened that our educational system does not teach about them or exploit their trials and conclusions which resulted in our Declaration of Independence, Constitutional Congress, Bicameral Congress, US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, and so much more. One of the early leaders that was given a black mark in my educational past was Andrew Jackson. However, as I began my personal study of America’s foundation and early years, I discovered he was a man of amazing capacities and leadership who had the fortitude to drive America away from centralized banks. This did more to secure American prosperity than any modern American leader since Abraham Lincoln. "

A Tale of Two Libertarianisms:

"The Paul movement — the largest popular movement motivated by distinctly libertarian ideas about war, money, and the role of government we've seen in the postwar period — is far more Rothbardian than it is directly influenced by the beliefs or style of any of the other recognized intellectual leaders or influences on American libertarianism. The Paul crowd is the sort of mass antiwar, antistate, anti-fiat-money agitation that Rothbard dreamed about his whole activist life."

Krugman's Inflation Incoherence:

"But I don't want to argue against Krugman with macroeconomics, a pseudoscience in which he is just one of a million witch doctors. Krugman doesn't need to be wrong in theory because he's wrong in reality. Nobody's lending because nobody's worth lending to. We are all worse credit risks than we were believed to be just a few years ago. That epiphany is going to take a long time to sort out. Runaway inflation will definitely make banks desperate to find places to put their money, but it will not suddenly make Americans into better credit risks."

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