Thursday, February 4, 2010

Liberty Pen Updates & News

It is that time again to inform you that the Liberty Pen site has been updated and a new blog article has been posted. Below is a small excerpt of the newly posted items.

A Short Letter to Harry Reid

"Could you please explicate the apparent lack of logic which seems to have infected your Democratic party with such reverberative effect? On February 04, 2010 you were seen on all news channels in your typical Quixotean fashion, holding a press conference to discuss your intent to handle the high unemployment rate."

Wayne Allyn Root Blog

"Last I checked Mr. Obama, this is America and we can all go where we want; do what we want; spend our money however we please. Smell that desert air Mr. President? That's the smell of freedom. Your lectures and scolding about Vegas are enough to bring out the rebel in all of us…to unite us to collectively scream “WITH ALL DUE RESPECT MR. PRESIDENT, SCREW YOU."

Blog Spotlight: Independent Bloghorn

"My problem, is where does Barack Obama get off lecturing anyone about gambling."

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