Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Updates and Info

Greetings and salutations my friends, I would like to inform you of the new updates to the Liberty Pen site. A new blog post is up, as well as other items for your enjoyment. Many of you may not know that I reside in Reno, Nevada, which wouldn't be too bad except for the fact that Harry Reid is my Senator. In February we will be having our state Libertarian Convention and Wayne Allyn Root will be in attendance. I may have an opportunity to do an interview with Mr. Root, so I will keep you informed of any developments. As of now I am ironing out the details.

If you know of anyone, including yourself, that would like to do an interview just drop me an email.

Blog Post

A Small Rambling on Positive Law and Natural Law

"I posit that government's fundamental purpose is the maintenance of our basic security (no imperial interests) and public order. But our government has superseded its authority with little reflection for collateral damage, and with little redress for offenses committed, what is left is a state of acquiescence arising from hopelessness. Government is rejective of natural law because it interferes with their acquisition of power, money, and the institutionalization of ideological policies. In failing to control this vacuous beast, this imperfect human institution, we have usurped our own individual sovereignty and replaced it with welfarism. A dependency that is Faustian by design and effected with Machiavellian craftsmanship."

Blog from Wayne Allyn Root

The Citizen Revolution Has Begun!

"The same Tea Party voters who handed Scott Brown the biggest upset in political history will throw his butt out of office if he betrays their principles of smaller government, lower taxes and power to the people. No one politician and no one party is in control now. The people are in control- just as the Founding Fathers intended.

Conservatives, Libertarians, small business owners, and anyone who stands for smaller government won a huge victory tonight…as did the American taxpayer. The grownups who actually pay the taxes and create the jobs are taking back the country."


From Adam Smith Institute

"During the Second World War, Orwell worked at the BBC, and in 1943 (now a prolific journalist and author), he became literary editor of the socialist journal Tribune. His belief that Stalin had betrayed the ideals of the Russian Revolution came out in his short 1945 fable, Animal Farm – which became a huge success. Four years later, his hatred of Stalin's totalitarian state led to his publication of 1984. Though notionally set in the future, it was in fact a grim portrayal of the horrors of Stalinism: his description of Big Brother, for example, is a close description of Stalin, while the 'traitor' Goldberg shares features with Trotsky."

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