Sunday, November 22, 2009

A New Site and Blog

I have decided to created a new website and a blog, all of which are on one site. I wanted it to look more professional and increase its level of seriousness. After viewing two re-designs of fellow bloggers (Conservative Hideout 2.0, Feed Your ADHD) I follow, I thought it would be a good idea. I will continue to use this blog as a launching point until the transition is complete. I hope you stop by, and thank you all very much.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

SEIU and Their Violent Methodology

I read an article on this weekend that illustrates, yet again, the barbarity of SEIU. These stories are all too common and SEIU's pervasive odor of corruption is trying to attach itself to every facet of the American labor market. Their venal proclivities have the protection of the Obama administration and they are all too happy to assist in the dissolution of individual liberty. Felony assault and battery is just one of the tools they use to instill fear and subjugate those to a self-serving hierarchical structure.

State Worker Beat Up At SEIU Meeting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ―A state worker is recovering after a bloody brawl at a union hall. He says members of the local SEIU 1000 beat him up and sent him to the hospital all because he wanted to expose allegedl corruption within the union.

Ken Hamidi is a state worker at the California Franchise Tax Board. Last night he walked into a union hall in Sacramento for an SEIU local 1000 meeting.

"We had every right to be here, very simple; it wasn't anything private or anything exclusive," said Hamidi.

But Hamidi says the union members did not want him there.

"Three, four people jumped at me, wrestled with me, then did all that," said Hamidi. "I was covered in blood and then over to the emergency room."

Photos of Hamidi in the hospital show him bloodied from the brawl. So why did this happen? Besides being a state worker, Hamidi says he's an unpaid reporter for a cable access show and a vocal critic of the SEIU. He calls the state workers' union corrupt.

"This is a union hall that is leased and is being furnished and equipped and everything with our money," said Hamidi.

Hamidi says he came to the hall to expose how he says SEIU union leaders are spending tens of thousands of dollars on a political race, he claims, they have no right to do. After he and a photographer walked in to the meeting, it didn't take long for Hamidi to be right out the door and on his way to the hospital.

We called SEIU union leaders to get their side of the story, but they refused to comment.

No criminal charges have been filed in this case.
(© MMIX, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

How many of you remember this video of a SEIU member assaulting a private citizen at a Town Hall meeting?

Here is a section taken from the website, SEIU EXPOSED;

During a ruthless campaign to unionize employees at two Chicago hospitals, SEIU and its “community organization” ally at ACORN reportedly brought uninsured sick and injured people “by the vanload” to those emergency rooms “beyond their own communities.” The chair of emergency medicine at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital warned, “When a person with chest pain bypasses several emergency departments and is brought unsuspectingly 40 miles to get care at a facility, that’s dangerous.

The Illinois Business Ledger reported:

Lucrecia Balgemann, a Spanish-speaking shift coordinator in the ER the day of the occurrence, said it was clear to her that many of the Spanish speaking patients were being “coached” by ACORN organizers and were “following a script.”

One patient was under the impression that the hospital would help with a kidney transplant through its charity care, but was quickly informed that the hospital was not a transplant location.

That’s dangerous for the patients SEIU and its allies use as pawns, and it’s dangerous for community members caught in the crossfire.

How many more people have to suffer? Individual liberties being stripped from average citizens by nothing more than intellectually empty drones. I sincerely doubt that sentiency exists within your average, underdeveloped SEIU foot-soldier - yet these same people want to dictate and moderate the American workplace. What's worse, our government supports them and their cancerous methodology. Our Founding Fathers must be proud of us all.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kiss Your Freedoms Goodbye If Health Care Passes

The following is an opinion article written by Judge Andrew Napolitano on November 6th. Never let it be said that smart voices couldn't be heard in our time of turmoil. Their erudition purveyed a warning sign for us to heed, and our posterity will judge us for our ability to act on behalf of liberty's calling.

Kiss Your Freedoms Goodbye If Health Care Passes
by Judge Andrew Napolitano
November 6, 2009

Congress recognizes no limits on its power. It doesn't care about the Constitution, it doesn't care about your inalienable rights. If this health care bill becomes law, America, life as you have known it, freedom as you have exercised it and privacy as you have enjoyed it will cease to be.

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote on a 2,000 page bill to give the federal government the power to micromanage the health care of every single American. The bill will no doubt pass. It will raise your taxes, steal your freedom, invade your privacy, and ration your health care. Even the Republicans have introduced their version of Obamacare Lite. It, too, if passed, will compel employers to provide coverage, bribe the states to change their court rules, and tell insurance companies whom to insure.

We do not have two political parties in this country, America. We have one party; called the Big Government Party. The Republican wing likes deficits, war, and assaults on civil liberties. The Democratic wing likes wealth transfer, taxes, and assaults on commercial liberties. Both parties like power; and neither is interested in your freedoms. Think about it. Government is the negation of freedom. Freedom is your power and ability to follow your own free will and your own conscience. The government wants you to follow the will of some faceless bureaucrat.

When I recently asked Congressman James Clyburn, the third ranking Democrat in the House, to tell me "Where in the Constitution the federal government is authorized to regulate everyone's health care--, he replied that most of what Congress does is not authorized by the Constitution, but they do it anyway. There you have it. Congress recognizes no limits on its power. It doesn't care about the Constitution, it doesn't care about your inalienable rights, it doesn't care about the liberties protected by the Bill of Rights, it doesn't even read the laws it writes.

America, this is not an academic issue. If this health care bill becomes law, life as you have known it, freedom as you have exercised it, privacy as you have enjoyed it, will cease to be.

When Congress takes away our freedoms, they will be gone forever. What will you do to prevent this from happening?

Judge Andrew Napolitano is Fox News Channel's senior judicial analyst.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Election Results For Libertarians

For those of you that are interested to see how Libertarians fared in the November 3rd elections, I have a list that was sent to me by the National Libertarian Party. The size of our government did not grow overnight, so it is equally logical to assert that its reduction will take some time to manifest. Vigilance is key. To my Conservative friends I submit that our battles are far from over, thus we must continue to be mindful in order to effect the necessary outcome. The election results in New Jersey and Virginia, the home of Thomas Jefferson, is but a small step. We must remain resolute, for our antagonists are many.

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I want to congratulate the Libertarians who won their races on November 3.

Additionally, I hope you'll read this thank you note from one of our candidates, Matt Cholko, who did not win. I found his note to be particularly instructive and inspiring, perhaps inspiring enough to get you to run for office in 2010.

A big thank you also goes out to all of the volunteers, donors, and family members who supported Libertarian candidates.

The following Libertarians won their elections on November 3:

  1. Karen Richardson was re-elected to the City Council in John's Creek, Georgia.
  2. Roger Fritz was elected Mayor of Roland, Iowa.
  3. Bill Lynn was elected as an Alderman in Davenport, Iowa.
  4. Nick Taiber got 46% running for City Council in Cedar Falls, Iowa, so he advances to a runoff on December 1.
  5. Andy LeCureaux was re-elected to the City Council in Hazel Park, Michigan.
  6. Dan Halloran was elected to the New York City Council in District 19 (Queens). He was cross-nominated by the Republican, Conservative, Independent and Libertarian parties.
  7. John McAlister was re-elected to the City Council in Gahanna, Ohio.
  8. Michael J. Robertson was elected Supervisor in Licking Township, Pennsylvania.
  9. Berlie R. Etzel was elected Constable in Ashland Township, Pennsylvania.
  10. Timothy A. Russell was elected Mayor in Emlenton Borough, Pennsylvania.
  11. Larry Allen Boyle was elected Mayor in Polk Borough, Pennsylvania.
  12. James Fryman was elected Auditor in Victory Township, Pennsylvania.
  13. Paula L. Meddings and Chad M. Roberts were both elected to the Borough Council of Houston, Pennsylvania.
  14. Susan Haythornthwaite was elected Auditor of Abbott Township, Pennsylvania.
  15. Cathy A. Beeman was elected Auditor of Waterford Township, Pennsylvania.
  16. Randall R. Schwabenbauer was elected Oil City Area School Director in Pennsylvania.

I also want to thank all the other Libertarians who ran for office. We have posted a list of results on the website.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Man alone is an end unto himself"

I came upon an excellent article over at the Ludwig von Mises Institute that discussed the insights of Albert Camus. A quote from Camus reminds me of another writer, viewed irreverently by some for his caustic wit, Dr. Dave over at Feed Your ADHD;

"Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth."

I think you will enjoy the following article primarily because it will cause you to think, which is what all good articles should do.

Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.

"Man alone is an end unto himself"
by Gary Galles

November 7 marks the 1913 birth of Albert Camus, 1957 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature for work that "illuminates the problems of the human conscience in our times." Those times were ones where the specter of tyranny loomed large during World War II and its aftermath, until his accidental death in 1960.

While best known as an existentialist and absurdist, his Nobel lecture highlighted why his insights are valuable to those devoted to liberty. Camus said the writer "cannot put himself today in the service of those who make history; he is at the service of those who suffer it." On their behalf, "the two tasks that constitute the greatness of [the writer's] craft [are]the service of truth and the service of liberty…rooted in two commitments, difficult to maintain: the refusal to lie about what one knows and the resistance to oppression." To commemorate his birthday this Saturday, his defense of liberty against tyranny merits remembering.

"In the twentieth century power wears the mask of tragedy."

"The tyrannies of today…no longer admit of silence or neutrality. One has to take a stand, be either for or against…I am against."

"The real passion of the twentieth century is servitude."

"By definition, a government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more."

"Totalitarian tyranny is no based on the virtues of the totalitarians. It is based on the mistakes of the liberals."

The principles which men give to themselves end by overwhelming their noblest intentions."

"The welfare of the people…has always been the alibi of tyrants…giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience."

"[P]olitical utopias justified in advance any enterprises whatever."

"All modern revolutions have ended in a reinforcement of the power of the State."

"Absolute domination by the law does not represent liberty."

"The only conception of freedom I can have is that of the prisoner or the individual in the midst of the state. The only one I know is freedom of thought and action."

"I should like to be able to love my country and still love justice."

"Freedom is not a gift received from the State or leader, but a possession to be won every day…"

"Freedom is not a reward or a decoration that is celebrated with champagne…It's a long distance race, quite solitary and very exhausting."

"Freedom is nothing else but a chance to get better, whereas enslavement is a certainty of the worse."

"Liberty ultimately seems to me, for societies and for individuals… the supreme good that governs all others."

"Instead of killing and dying in order to produce the being that we are not, we have to live and let live in order to create what we are."

"The aim of art, the aim of a life can only be to increase the sum of freedom and responsibility to be found in every man and in the world. It cannot, under any circumstances, be to reduce or suppress that freedom … "

"The current motto for all of us can only be this: without giving up anything on the plane of justice, yield nothing on the plane of freedom."

"More and more, when faced with the world of men, the only reaction is one of individualism. Man alone is an end unto himself. Everything one tries to do for the common good ends in failure."

Albert Camus wrote when "the barricades of freedom have once more been thrown up. Once more justice must be bought with the blood of men." The crucial importance of defending liberty against tyranny was clear then. But unfortunately, many have forgotten that essential recognition, despite the web of softer tyrannies that increasingly surround us. That keeps Camus' insights, particularly that liberty is "the supreme good that governs all others," both valuable and powerful today, a half century after he wrote.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Day Storyline: The Citizen Revolution Has Begun!

The following posting is from Wayne Allyn Root's blog, and he provides his opinion on the elections that took place yesterday. Whether you're a Libertarian, Republican, or a Conservative (or a mixture of all three), I think he states quite succinctly that principles outweighed party affiliation. 

Election Day Storyline: The Citizen Revolution Has Begun!

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

What a night! I cheered and celebrated watching Republicans sweep the Virginia and New Jersey Governor's races (as well as other key races across the country in traditionally Democratic states like Pennsylvania). Not because I'm a Republican- I'm not anymore. But this was NOT a Republican victory. It was a victory for the Tea Party patriots. It was a victory for common sense independents and fiscal conservatives who oppose tax and spend. It was a crushing defeat for Obama and his radical leftist friends (led by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank). It was a defeat for Obamacare, cap and trade, and big government proponents. And most importantly, it was a warning shot across the bow for incumbents and political insiders everywhere- the Citizen Revolution that I predicted in my new book "The Conscience of a Libertarian" has begun.

Republicans didn't actually win a thing. Voters simply repudiated Obama, socialism and the expansion of big government. Americans rose up to revolt against the party in power (Democrats)- just as they did in 2008 versus Bush and the GOP. Americans didn't vote for Obama a year ago. They voted against Bush. They voted against the party in power. They voted against “business as usual in Washington D.C.” Against the lawyers and lobbyists and special interests that are destroying our economy and our country.

Only one year later they've proved it wasn't a fluke by doing it again. They didn't vote last night for the GOP. They voted against Obama. It turns out voters do indeed want change- but not the kind offered by Republicans, Democrats, or any incumbent. They want the kind of change that comes from throwing the bums out (the bums being career politicians), and voting in fresh faces who believe in smaller government, lower spending and more power to the people (just as the Constitution intended).

It wasn't Republicans who swept to victory last night. It was the Tea Party crowds. The peasants with pitchforks that Obama, Pelosi, CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream media ignored, denigrated and humiliated. It was the small business owners who simply want government to get out of the way. It was the mothers and fathers of America who want to protect their children and grandchildren from a lifetime of slavery to deficit, debt, and big government.

Message to the media and political spin-meisters: Don't misread the tea leaves- there is no Republican Revolution. But the citizen revolution (with a fiscal conservative and Libertarian base) that I predicted in my new book has begun with a vengeance. The liberal mainstream media is so biased and out of touch that they don't realize it yet, but we are living through history. We are experiencing the start of a once-in-a-lifetime political revolution. Our generation's 1776. Our version of the shot heard around the world. My prediction that voters might actually V.E.T.O. (Vote Everyone of Them Out) the entire U.S. Congress in 2010 has started even sooner than I imagined- and with a vengeance.

"It turns out that the Tea Parties weren't fake after all. There was no “astro turf.”

Last night was a sign of the anger and outrage that small business owners and average Americans are feeling towards “business as usual” in Washington D.C. This wasn't about “conservative values” on social issues. This wasn't about abortion, or gay marriage, or Terri Schiavo, or online gaming- all issues that damaged the Conservative/Libertarian coalition that makes up the Tea Party movement. This was about “the economy stupid.” This was about FISCAL CONSERVATISM and personal responsibility. If people have to cut back and live within our means, so does government. This was about the Triple Crown of cutting spending, cutting taxes, and cutting the size of government. The Tea Parties led the way. If Republicans think this was about party I.D., they've gotten the wrong message.

It turns out that the Tea Parties weren't fake afterall. There was no “astro turf.” They were actual spontaneous outpourings of expression of independent, commonsense and patriot Americans. This isn't some small grassfire. This is only the start of a full-fledged citizen revolution to save capitalism, save the Constitution, and save our beloved country.

Obama made a big mistake- his radical leftist power grab has awakened the sleeping giant of the Silent Majority. The centerpiece of this citizen revolution is simple: cutting the size, scope and power of government. Hear it loud and clear. Whoever supports those goals will emerge victorious in 2010 and 2012. And who ever doesn't, better get out of the way. Because you're standing in front of a train- the Tea Party Express. Our message for politicians is to stand by the people, serve the people, listen to the people, or face the wrath of the people. If you don't get the message, we stand poised to THROW THE BUMS OUT.

This morning Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater are looking down on us with a great big smile. I'm proud to call myself a REAGAN LIBERTARIAN. What a great day to be alive and to be an American. I love the smell of revolution in the morning.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.”    

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