Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Liberty Pen and L.R.I.

The last post that was issued on the Liberty Pen eluded to the commencement of the Liberty Research Institute's website and blog. As of today it is up and running but there is much more work that needs to be done. Policy papers and periodicals are being developed as we speak, and we have had some interesting interactions with the federal government. All that will be posted in do time and you will be informed when we near completion.

I have had the pleasure of speaking with several individuals with their own centers and institutes, and they have agreed to participate when possible. I have been asked what separates our institute from the plethora of others, and I have replied that similarities, as well as dissimilarities, are evident. But as we all know those of a certain ideological persuasion find it necessary to manufacture a wide array of organizations in order to effect their vision for our Republic. Therefore, what makes us dissimilar is of little import - we wish to preserve liberty, free markets, and re-establish the parameters of a limited government.

As for the Liberty Pen, in order to manifest a connected community this blog will focus more on political philosophy and personal interviews. L.R.I. is more of a hands on approach to reacquire and preserve the liberties our Founding Father's bequeathed us. I hope you will all participate and remain hopeful for our future.

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Matt said...

I will be linking to both sites. They look fantastic. I'll make them regular stops, and good luck!