Thursday, October 15, 2009

Congress and Their Lavish Health Care

Have most of you pondered as to what your representatives have for health care insurance? Do you think it is similar to yours? Have you every asked your state representative if they will switch to the public option? A recent interview between CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson and Senator Lindsey Graham dispels our curiosities with the following clarification;

For them, there's no coverage limit - a major factor for the American families bankrupted or thrown into poverty by health care costs.

Pre-existing conditions? No problem for congressmen and women. The rest of us are out of luck.

And the elected officials get still more perks most Americans can only dream of. Got a cold? You probably have to take time off work and wait to see a doctor.

Not Congress.

"We're able to access that health care 24 hours a day when we're in Washington," Graham said, leading us to the Attending Physician's Office, a clinic inside the U.S. Capitol. They don’t even have to leave the office.

About half of the members of Congress, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, use the Attending Physician benefit. For $42 a month, they can get all the primary care they need - physical therapy, X-rays, minor surgery, specialists and a pharmacy for emergencies - no appointment needed.

They also get VIP hospital treatment from the best doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital. And they have a reserved spot at the elite Ward 72 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where the late Sen. Strom Thurmond spent a lot of time.

Outpatient care is free. Well, free for them. Your tax dollars pick up the cost

Wouldn't you like to have these benefits? Is it any wonder why politicians consistently vote down measures that would switch them to the public option? Let us not forget the most important issue, we pay for their health care.

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Matt said...

I wonder how much all of that costs us?

Dr. Dave said...

They'd NEVER accept the package they want for us (in any form, since they don't yet know themselves what they want for us, other than to be dead and therefore no longer their burden).

I love it when someone calls Hannity and says "Congress has national health care; you don't hear them complaining." As IF we were going to get the same bloody thing. Liberals are just so friggin' dumb.