Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Small Rant on Janeane Garofalo

I find myself revisiting the vacuous personality of Janeane Garofalo, not for the singular reason that she invokes the faculties of logic and reason, my impetus was to understand her dissociative mental illness that precludes the power of rationalization from manifesting. Ms. Garofalo was recently on Bill Mahr's show (a person of similar ailment) and expelled the following declamation;    

When she ranted some time ago I wrote a post that constructed a counterpoint to her irrationality. What will follow will not be of dissimilar structure. First, let us address her contention that tea baggers, 9-12'ers, and the Michelle Bachmans of the world are racists. While she did offer a small caveat that a select few who predicated their dissent as opponents to policy gain some measure of permissibility, the remaining individuals were there out of pure hatred for the black man. This in itself would be laughable if I did not pity her intellectual erosion. I attended several tea parties and I do not recall seeing white pointy hoods, pitch forks, hangman's rope, or any effigy being set ablaze. More importantly, I do not recollect Ms. Garofalo making an appearance to observe tea party activities and to question personal motivations.

At no time have I ever heard her proffer an intelligent refutation to questions proposed by antagonists to leftist/socialistic policies. What I have observed from her are arguments presented by means of corrupted syllogisms, which takes two premises and derives a conclusion;

Subject: Tea Parties are a white movement
Subject: White people who attend tea parties are racist
Conclusion: Thus, tea parties are filled with racist white people projecting a white power movement. 

One cannot maintain a logical debate when one interjects with sophistic argumentation, and her position will never change. Those who desire to preserve an affinity with the Founding Fathers, our Constitution, and individual sovereignty, will always be seen as antiquated and standing at the precipice of violence. The spectral left will continue to assert that a liberal, progressive agenda will establish a just political dynamic by way of governmental mandate. Therefore it would be futile to go line by line on economics, foreign policy, states rights, Constitutional law, education, as well as a host of other subjects when one is mentally afflicted with depersonalization.

The preceding cuneiform is thought to be the Sumerian word (Ama-gi) for freedom or liberty, and its age is testament to the fact that freedom transcends all forms of government. Tea party participants acknowledge that economic and political freedoms are not mutually exclusive, and both are in danger of being crippled by a leviathanistic government. That is why we protested, it was not racism. Sadly this is beyond Ms. Garofalo's cerebral faculties, and I fear her psychological infirmity will prohibit a much needed epiphanic experience.


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Dr. Dave said...

Garofalo is such a disgusting creature, I wouldn't "tea bag" her with Kanye's junk.

JoyceJunior said...

Freedom is part of the human condition, an "inalienable right" bestowed on us by virtue of birth, regardless of national origin, ethnicity, or geographical region.

Harrison said...

She is a moron and has no acting career. Why people still listen to her is beyond me.

Matt said...

Notice that she only seems to have a voice in the liberal echo chamber?

For that matter, is there any demand for this woman to speak anywhere else?