Thursday, September 10, 2009

John Stossel is Moving to FOX!!

I was reading John Stossel's blog, John Stossel's Take, and found some fantastic news; John Stossel is moving to Fox. Upon reading his most recent entry I found myself electrified and anxious for his arrival, as I consider retrospectively that ABC - in light of its pro Obama stance, now views him with disfavor and perhaps a lightened animus. Nevertheless, FOX will be better off for it.


by John Stossel

It's time for a change.

In one month, I leave ABC News.

In October, I will join the folks at Fox.

I plan to do a one hour prime time show every week on FBN, the Fox Business Channel, and contribute to various existing programs on Fox News Channel.

I’m grateful to ABC News for allowing me to do stories that challenged conventional wisdom, and occasionally enraged many of its viewers. But it’s said that everyone should change jobs every 7 years. I’ve been at ABC for 28 years ...

In my new job, I want to dig into the meaning of the words “liberty” and “limited government”. ABC enabled me to do some of that, but Fox offers me more airtime and a new challenge.

I’m still considering what I will do with my own show, one hour each week. Economics certainly. Exercises in understanding libertarianism. My “take” on the issues of the day. Kind of like this blog. In fact, maybe we’ll call it, Stossel’s Take?

I ask you for your ideas. A studio audience? Should I wander around Congress?

To be continued...

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Matt said...

This is outstanding news. Stossel's specials on ABC were usually must see for me. I imagine he might be even more free working for FOX. We're all better off for this.

Forgotten Liberty said...

I think this is good news. He will be a good addition to Fox.

Anonymous said...

I bet the fascists at Fox are gonna be pissed.

anticsrocks said...

Oh man, I can hear the moonbats frothing at the mouth already!

Dr. Dave said...

I think he should wander around Congress and report on all of their backroom deals and money laundering.

Harrison said...

I'm surprised he lasted so long on ABC. Too bad for them.

edgycater said...

Stossel on FOX is great news! He is one of the few true investigative journalists still functioning in the mainstream media. His libertarian slant provides an important voice in the public debate.

Anonymous said...

Drop Dead, You stinking slimeball.

the Liberty Pen said...

I have to admit, this is my first hate filled post, and I am pretty excited. Although, I cannot help but think that there are better posts which would reflect your need to illustrate your animus. But no matter, I will take what I can get.

I bet you thought that I would be disinclined to post your comment, but your position is equally important. Even though it was nonsensical and your prose could use some direction. I hope you return, perhaps we could engage in a debate. And I wish to thank you for providing some much needed laughter this morning.

BTW, how are things in Maryland?