Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blog Interviews: The Obamination of America

It is that time again for the Liberty Pen to do another Blog Interview. In this installment we will be interviewing Jordan, the author of the blog, "The Obamination of America." I firmly believe that you will observe this young man's adoration for Liberty and his keen understanding that true individual prosperity can only be facilitated without governmental intrusion. We hope you enjoy this interview, and if in the event you find yourself aligned with the interviewee, we urge you to stop by his blog for a visit.

tLP: To begin, I want to thank you for taking the time to participate in this interview. Let's start by giving our readers some insight into your political orientation.

tOA: I am a conservative at heart that champions the idea of state's rights. Instead of having the federal government run everything, it makes more sense to me to let each state govern themselves. It simplifies the government because everyone knows their place and the government doesn't have to worry about all 50 states.

tLP: Tell us what Liberty means to you and why it is so important to keep.

tOA: Liberty to me means that each person can live their life the way they wish without restrictions from a higher power. When liberty is taken away from us, we in turn lose our freedom to live the way we want. Now more than ever our liberties are being stripped away from us and are being given to a higher power known as the federal government.

tLP: If our current administration could change our Constitution for their benefit, what, in your opinion, would they change and why?

tOA: Our administration would cut states rights out of the constitution if they had the chance. Without states rights, the governor and the people of each state would virtually be pawns of the federal government.

tLP: That was a good answer, and I agree with you. As you know there are people out there who think big government is a good idea, what is your position and why?

tOA: Big government in no way is a good thing. With big government there comes mass amounts of corruption, and with corruption, democracy and freedom ultimately fail.

tLP: What are the perceptions our current political machine have regarding the American public?

tOA: The government obviously views its people as idiots, and rightfully so for the Democratic party. However, the Townhall meetings show the resiliency of the American people to question their government and ask questions regarding what will be implemented on them. What a great way to show who is boss!!

tLP: With all of the heated debates within the arena of health care, where do you think it will end up? Do you think we will end up with some sort of government health care option?

tOA: Taking into account the recent news of Obama dropping the public option, I believe that we will end up just working on the insurance aspect of health care. The costs are just too high and so something has to be done. As far as the quality of health care is concerned, I believe we are fine. To answer the second question, I believe that we won't see government run health care. The people are just too scared of it and most people don't want a politician running their life.

tLP: I am of the position that the government cannot run anything efficiently, much less make a profit. To prove my point I only need to reference our President's statement regarding UPS, Fedex, and the Post Office. He stated that the two private companies are flourishing while the "government" run Post Office is in serious trouble. With that in mind, why do think people still believe the government can provide the answers to our health care?

tOA: I don't think the majority of the American people believe that the government can run health care correctly. I mean, just look at the cash for clunkers program - they cannot even run that correctly and the people are taking full notice of that. The people that believe the government can run health care are the ones who have no concept of reality. They believe in a concept called the "public good," and that others should pay for their health insurance. What it boils down to is laziness and a mentality of "what can someone else do for me?" Just plain sad if you ask me.

tLP: Another great answer. Do you have political debates with your friends? If so, how would you describe them?

tOA: Yes, but you have to keep in mind that most of my friends are ignorant college students who voted for Obama. I am sure you can imagine the debates that we have.

Jordan: "What do you think about care?"

Friend: "I wish they could implement a system that could be free for everyone."

tLP: We see that you are a blogger, what is the name of your blog and what do you write about? Why did you decide to start writing? Are there certain topics you specifically concentrate on?

tOA: My blog is called "The Obamination of America." It is located at www.obaminationblog.blogspot.com, and discusses topics that have to do with Obama, Congress, the media, and usually just whatever I can think of. I started writing last August when the 2008 Presidential race was well under way. I felt like I could make some sort of a difference in my area and so I just started writing.

tLP: What message, if any, do you try to convey to your readers?

tOA: I mainly just try to convey conservative values that are consistent with what the Founding Fathers wanted.

tLP: How is your blog received? What are some of the comments you receive? Do you stay in contact with other bloggers?

tOA: My blog is slowly gaining popularity and usually averages 40 hits a day. The comments I receive are probably 90% positive. I have a little trouble with my grammar so every once in a while that gives me some trouble, but people generally enjoy reading my posts. Lately I have stayed in contact with my blogger friends, especially ones from blogcatalog.com. Having a solid friend base is crucial to having a great blog.

tLP: Where do you see your blog going from here?

tOA: I see my blog gaining popularity and eventually leveling off to around 100 visitors a day. I am a little skeptical at the moment, but I just recently bought some advertising to help things out. I am hoping for the best at this point in time.

tLP: I understand that you joined a Tea Party recently, tell us about it and why you joined the Tea Party movement.

tOA: The Tea Part movement is located in Roanoke, Virginia, and is basically just getting organized. This was my first meeting so I don't have much to talk about, but we had someone explain the objectives for the tea party and divided us into teams. I joined the organization and funds committee and I am going to probably be assigned with writing blog entries for the site, and promoting the tea party at my university.

I would like to reiterate my thanks to Jordan and The Obamination of America blog for agreeing to do this interview. I have known Jordan for only a little while, initially meeting him over at blogcatalog's forums. He is a passionate individual who cares deeply about liberty and our Republic, and this is plainly expressed within this interview.

As a side note, on Jordan's site you will observe an Akt Now! campaign logo. His campaign pertains to Citizens Against Cap and Trade and is explicated as such;

"All of those in favor of keeping your energy costs the way they are and not raising them as much as 3000 dollars say I!!!! With your support and numbers we will send a statement to Senator Webb and Senator Warner in the state of Virginia to not vote for Cap and Trade. Even if you don't live in Virginia this is a very important issue that should receive your support so PLEASE sign the petition. A little bit of activism can go a long way!!! Thanks."

I would like to urge you to sign this petition while you are reading some of his posts, thank you very much.

In support of other bloggers to share their viewpoints, I would like to offer,
The Conservative Hideout 2.0. Take some time and look at this blog, read
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Dr. Dave said...

Another fine interview, LP. Pretty soon you're going to have the blogosphere lining up for you.

the Liberty Pen said...

Thank you Sir. Since the media and other mainstream journalists seem to demonize the average citizen, I feel it's important to show how wrong they are.

Matt said...

Yet another great one sir. I've been visiting Jordan's blog for a couple weeks now. He's quite good. His age amazes me, as my head was still solidly up my rectum when I was his age. We need more Jordans, lots more!

anticsrocks said...

Do you have a journalism background, Tom? And I want to say that I know Jordan from Blogcatalog.com. He is a great conservative blogger and he and I have backed each other up over there more than once. Great interview and as always, a fine read.

Jordan Hixon said...

Thank you for your time and efforts!!

the Liberty Pen said...

Thanks to everyone leaving a comment. I really enjoy doing these interviews, it gives me a chance to meet some excellent people.

@anticrocks: I do not have a journalism background, my questions are regular conversational topics I have with people around me. I'm not sure if that is sad, or I need a hobby.....

edgycater said...

Great interview! I am very proud of Jordan and the maturity and clarity he has developed at his age.