Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog Interviews: Feed Your ADHD

Ladies and gentlemen it is time again for another installment of Blog Interviews from the Liberty Pen. This week we have Dr. Dave from Feed Your ADHD, but before we commence I must make the following statement to those of you who do not know Dr. Dave or his blog, - "No, he is not a real Doctor in the medical sense." By my own stipulative definition Dr. Dave is an educated individual with a self-conferred doctorate in the field of caustic wit and snark. As with the other individuals I have interviewed, Dr. Dave is unique in his approach at constructing social and political annotaions. At times he is compendious, on other occasions he is more extensive in his examination of socio-political dynamics. But if you truly want to know the derivation of his work I shall let Dr. Dave purvey his intro;

"Creating a foreseeable risk of substantial disruption."

I have told Dr. Dave before that he has a rapier wit, and when you peruse his blog you will inevitably perceive it to be an incisive extension of his acumen. His posts are not for the faint of heart, but if you open your mind and become receptive you will definitely learn something. Now, for your reading pleasure I offer you a substantial disruption, Dr. Dave's FEED YOUR ADHD.

tLP: Good evening Dr. Dave how are you?

Feed Your ADHD: I am faaaantastic, thank you for asking. I am ready to go so tell everybody to put their mental cups on!

tLP: Excellent my friend, let's start with the basic question. What is your blog about?

Feed Your ADHD: Feed Your ADHD is a satirical, sometimes humorous, always hyperbolic, blog that tosses friggin’ EMPs at the stupidity that goes on in Washington, D.C., and equally morally bankrupt and corrupt governments around the world. William Faulkner once said writing brings order to chaos. My blog attempts to bring chaos in an entertaining way to what the thieves in power pass off as order. As it says in my blog profile, I’m creating a “foreseeable risk of substantial disruption,” to quote Sonia Sotomayor [], putting myself on Janet Napolitano's domestic terror list for the reader.

tLP: Why did you start your blog?

Feed Your ADHD: It started off as a release from the daily monotony of corporate life (which is why I go by the pseudonym, “Dr. Dave”). When I was younger, I spent 5 years writing for newspapers and then a couple more writing for magazines. When my wife and I had children, I stopped chasing the dream of trying to become a poor man’s Conservative Hunter S. Thompson, entrenching myself in the corporate world to bring home half a dollar while my wife stayed home with the kids. Last fall I started to get the itch again, and a writer friend suggested I start a blog. My first few posts were little puerile attempts at sarcasm…about the NFL and the Wall Street bailout and blogging…and then I began to pay attention to what was going to happen in the presidential election. Once I started looking into who Barack Hussein Obama (or as he’s known around my place, Obugger) is, there was no going back. The night he was elected I wrote a piece about how all his hope and change b.s. was smoke and mirrors. But punditry hasn’t always been my strongest form, and I stumbled around between sarcasm and punditry until, about a month or so before Obugger was about to accept his crown, I discovered satire over at Iowahawk []. What David Burge was doing over there, and had been doing for 5 years, seemed, to me, the perfect way to go about commenting on all of the insanity around us, in a funny and critical and poignant way. Since then I’ve been posting a mixture of satire and sarcasm with regularity about a group of imbeciles, the Obama administration and Congress, who truly deserve my twisted attention.

tLP: What are you hoping to accomplish with your blog?

Feed Your ADHD: It keeps me out of the bars and from taking up with a mistress in Argentina and getting myself into trouble for being a hypocrite. Really, I’m just trying to comment on the daily news cycle in an entertaining way while amusing myself. I figure if you come to my blog and laugh a little bit, you might see the steady stream of impending doom that blares from your TV, newspaper, and Obugger’s house every night with a little less anxiety in your heart. I have no idea if we’re about to either fall off the far edge of the Earth or begin to wake up to the power and freedom grabs going on in D.C., but I just can’t chronicle what’s happening in any other way. They say sarcasm masks one’s inadequacies, but I believe it helps us deflect the ineptitudes of those with power and bad intent, and peer through their smokescreen to see what’s really going on.

tLP: How are your posts received by people, good, fair, or against?

Feed Your ADHD: I have a regular group of readers who seem to enjoy themselves when they come to my place. Once in a while I’ll get spammed by some liberal calling himself “anonymous.” I used to get into long drawn out debates with them, but then I realized the stupidity, both mine and theirs, of debating satire, that is FICTION. Please. A blogger friend of mine likes to call in other bloggers to help gang up on a liberal spammer, and I think that’s an adequate tactic. I think I’ll follow suit in the future. Rather than exhausting my energy debating policy with someone who’s clearly not going to see, or even acknowledge, my side at all, I’ll go on to my next insane post and let my friends gang up on the Zombiecrat. Or I could just do what Hunter Thompson would do…track the bastard down and spray his eyes with mace. Either way works just fine for me.

tLP: How important is your blog in today's economic and political climates?

Feed Your ADHD: Feed Your ADHD is about as important as yesterday’s post. By that I mean, it’s not important at all. It’s just something that I do to take the edge off my day and give a few readers a laugh or two, while hopefully being a mite bite in the side of the idiots in D.C. This is a terrible moment in time and history, and I’m just trying to put my own little bizarre stamp on it. That’s all the blog really is. And that’s all I should really expect from it, given that every microsecond someone with far more talent and far more interesting things to say starts another blog.

Thanks for the opportunity, LP. Please tell others they can find me at Feed Your ADHD [] most every day.

I would like to thank Dr. Dave from Feed Your ADHD for supplying his time and giving a great interview. My intent, as I have explicated in previous posts, is to provide a medium for other bloggers to get together and learn from each other. In dangerous times such as these an aggregation of liberty-minded individuals is paramount for our Republic's survivability. But I also understand that blogs such as Dr. Dave's may not be to everyone's liking, or that his approach to satire is too vituperative (as surmised by the Daily Kos). If you feel so inclined please consider the following quote from Eric Idle;

"At least one way of measuring the freedom of any society is the amount of comedy that is permitted, and clearly a healthy society permits more satirical comment than a repressive, so that if comedy is to function in some way as a safety release then it must obviously deal with these taboo areas. This is part of the responsibility we accord our licensed jesters, that nothing be excused the searching light of comedy. If anything can survive the probe of humour it is clearly of value, and conversely all groups who claim immunity from laughter are claiming special privileges which should not be granted." Eric Idle


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anticsrocks said...

LOL! I laughed my a$$ off! But that sucks because now I have to stand up to type on my computer...

Great interview and great site, Dr. Dave.

Dr. Dave said...


Funny, I'd not read that Idle quote, and I've learned a hell of a lot from those blokes from Monty Python. Thanks for this, LP, and thanks for including me in such a great forum.

And one more thing: The doctor recommends that any healthy diet include eating at least one moonbat a day. Sure, it's difficult on the digestive system, but it certainly cleans up the country.

the Liberty Pen said...

To be truthful I am the one that is appreciative. Everyone who has participated is busy with work, family, and everyday life. So taking your precious time and offering it to me is beyond gracious. Feed Your ADHD and Don's Present Discontent (new article out) are worthy of our attention, I hope everyone stops by. Thank you very much.

TexasFred said...

My association with Dr. Dave has cost me several so-called *blog friends*...

I'd take one Dr. Dave over a dozen of those other moonbats...

Uh... Other moonbats?? Oops...

Nice to see Dr. Dave getting the props I so richly deserve...

Love ya Dave, and remember folks, a day without Dr. Dave is a day without Dr. Dave..

Hey Dave, aren't you glad I'm your friend?? Just think what I'd say if I didn't like you... LMAO...

the Liberty Pen said...

Thank you for commenting TexasFred. Just as with Don who left the first post, I would stand shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Dave without any hesitation. While I do not profess to know Dr. Dave personally, I can attest to the quality of his mind. One, of course, can always purvey a dissimilar opinion regarding his work, but it should be done without hubris.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Liberty Pen:
This was a great interview, informative and funny, just like the good doctor. I've been a fan and reader of his for a while now, and he never fails to entertain and put a smile on my face.

I'm glad you did this interview and that I found your blog. When I read the post about this at DD's I knew it would be entertaining.

the Liberty Pen said...

Thank you for commenting AmusingBunni. I am new to Dr. Dave's musings but I like and appreciate his work. Additionally, I find that the people who leave comments on his posts are fine people as well.

Matt said...

Dr. Dave seems to capture what we thinking, but are afraid to say...or is it what we're afraid to think, but NEVER say? I duuno, but I do read him daily, and I am proud to call him a friend.