Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blog Interviews: The Liberty Pen

I was recently asked to do an interview by The Classic Liberal, an honor to say the least. I do not view myself with any significance or of high import, as I am sure there are other individuals of higher relevance. If you are so inclined, or simply bored, please stop by the The Classic Liberal and read the interview. Then, when you are finished peruse the other articles such as;

"The Patronizing Politics of Progressive Hate"
"Palin Tells Fed: Alaska is Sovereign!"

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I hope it helps you in some way. To those of you who visited the blogs we recommended I would like to personally thank you. From my own perspective I found camaraderie, passion, intelligence, the desire for liberty, and an inviolable fervency for a Republic our Founding Fathers paid for in blood. Truly, I am in good company.


In support of other bloggers to share their viewpoints, I would like to offer,
The Conservative Hideout 2.0. Take so
me time and look at this blog,
read some articles, and post some comments. Thank you

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