Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ayn Rand's Anthem and Our Future

I finished reading Ayn Rand's Anthem this weekend and I thought much of the story was quite prophetic. Rand's story is set in a future time and place that isn't specified and it revolves around mankind's forced conformity to an amorphous mass. The mechanisms for our declination were due to a complete absence of mental clarity, which collaterally led to the enervation of our own constitutional aspect. A cacoethes derived collectivism and socialistic thinking and it permeated into every facet of government, leading to a reconstituted society that repudiates any form of singularity. To our detriment autonomy was subjugated for the sake of the aggregate, the concept of “I” was eliminated from the language and was viewed as the Unspeakable Word, punishable by death. Rand's explication of socialist/collective principles of equality and fellowship are delineated and shown to be antithetical to the productive/capitalistic principles of accomplishment and individuality.

I will not regale you with the entirety of the story, that is not the reasoning for this post. I wish to purvey an alternate stream of thought that bears a contemporary similarity, you may feel inclined to call it hyperbole and indictable (as the left so often does) but I contend your disaffection for all things relative and lack of circumspection is the real crime. But I digress, let us continue.

The primary character in Anthem is Equality 7-2521, names such as Don, Mike, Matt, Dr. Dave or Tom, are excluded from their canon of government so as to avoid any semblance of identity. Remember, in this universe conformity to recognized standards of propriety and socialistic integration define the construct, thus specificity is an aberration. Examples of other names are as follows;

Individual Characters

  • Equality 7-2521
  • Liberty 5-3000
  • International 4-8818
  • Union 5-3992
  • Fraternity 2-5503
  • The Saint of the pyre
  • Collective 0-0009

Collective Characters

  • The World Council of Scholars
  • The Council of Vocations
  • The Council of the Home
  • The Judges
  • The Evil Ones
  • The World Council

All aspects of life are dictated and everyone works for the sake of the collective, but when Equality 7-2521 is assigned to the menial job of street sweeper he rebels in secret. Equality 7-2521 begins his journey of self-discovery and the reclamation of ego, to re-construct what the World Council had failed to extirpate - “I” exists independent of another and without consequence to another. Initially he, like the others, lacked the ability to express the following epiphanic formulations;

The concept of “we” may have positive attributes within the dynamic of humanity, but only if it is recognized as a derivative phenomenon. A productive and salubrious society can exist and be advantageous to all of its constituents only if individual sovereignty and the right of self-determinism exists.

However, during his escape Equality 7-2521 fortuitously comes into contact with texts from the Unmentionable Times. After studying these texts he acquires the words and thoughts to explain what he felt on an emotional level. What was once formless cognizance is now validated and understood as a completely articulated intellectual construct. You must be attentive at this point and recognize that Equality 7-2521's liberation is two-fold. At first it was his physical sphere that procured freedom, after reading the aforementioned texts he now transcends his bodily escape and frees his mind. He is no longer bound as a prisoner to the collectivist state's macerating mentality. This particular section of the story is a testament to the impossibility of stifling self-awareness, our bodies and minds do not belong to the state nor are they communal property. We would do well to remember that.

Lastly, I would like to briefly explicate the correlation between Anthem's displacement of egoism in favor of altruism, to that of the Democratic party. Anthem's self-sacrifice is a moral obligation and your own existence is without value as a separate entity, your sole purpose is for collective benefit. It is the same when applied politically, the individual is compelled into servitude for the whole of society, inalienable rights are non-existent because it creates distinction and inequality in those less expressive. A collectivist government such as Obama's cannot have issues of separatism, therefore it must utilize methods indoctrination to cement their ideology. You have to cerebrally breed altruism in order for it to be considered normative, doing so negates the possibility of self-reliance and personal independence from interfering in or usurping the collectivist paradigm. Do you see any parallelisms with Equality 7-2521's world and our own reality? If not, you're not paying attention. Look at the community organizations the Democrats have been using, look over the Cap & Trade Bill, their coercive Health Care Reform, the appropriation of taxpayer monies to fund collectivist programs, and attacks on the First and Second Amendments. This is a short list, but there is much, much more.

The Democrats are constructing a welfare state that is promulgated on the redistribution of wealth, and this is just the start. They are redefining the economic system and more subversively implanting their socialistic agenda within the American communities. Individual achievement will be frowned upon unless some substantive communal benefit can be harvested. Will you allow yourself to be molded into an anonymous fragment that is equally subordinate and without distinction? I, and speaking for my brothers in patriotism, will wear no such chains.

Cogito, ergo sum.” I think, therefore I am.

I think for myself. I am the beneficiary of my own actions and the fruits of my labor are mine alone. I will earn my way and I reject forcing another human being to work for my happiness, this is victimization. I expect the same from everyone else.


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Dr. Dave said...

A fine post, LP. I am about halfway through Levin's new book, then I will move on to Atlas, but you've certainly just informed me of the book I will read after Atlas.

Now...if this blogging wasn't so addicting, I'd have time for more than a few pages a day....

I wonder what the Obuggerites will do when they don't have to worry about blogging or reading or thinking?

(I say "them" because I'll already be gone...having fought. Count on it.)

WomanHonorThyself said...

brilliant overview..I am a huge Ayn Rand fan..since I was 14..wow thats a long time ago..lol

the Liberty Pen said...

@ Dr. Dave: I picked up his book today, I have two more to finish and I will start on his. So are you saying you will not relinquish your firearms if they come calling? :-)

@WomanHonorThyself: We are but temporal mundanities that strive to free ourselves from our corporeal dimensions. Our commencement effects our demise, but our minds can remain free if attended to constant engagement. Your writings reflect such an action, a mind, certainly as sharp
as it was earlier in time, defies
the cold grasp of senescence.

You have, as described, honored yourself - and I must state, even at the risk of appearing artificial, that I have felt honored by reading your work. And I thank you.

Matt said...

Fantastic post! I'll add that to my list. As Dave mentioned, blogging does tent to take away from reading time. Too bad we're not the ignorant rednecks that the MSM claim. We wouldn't have to worry about thinking, ideas, freedom, and the like. We'd just have to stand in line for whatever crumbs the nanny state would provide.

the Liberty Pen said...

Thank you Sir!! I must respect my elders.... I used to think their comments were insulting and it upset me, now I laugh because I know that's all they have. Thank you for commenting.

Dr. Dave said...

From. My. Cold. Dead. Hands., LP

Dr. Dave said...

BTW, LP...I just added this to my family today. One can never have too many friends.

the Liberty Pen said...

Aaaah, the AK. I hope you have enough to "feed" this family member. Get any extra clips???