Monday, June 8, 2009

Will You Participate?

The phrase "No taxation without representation" is well known, but with regard to explicating its derivation many would fail to do so, and any rendering so offered would be cursory in form. The relevance of this maxim cannot, and should not, lose itself to antiquity simply because we have detached ourselves from the architecture of liberty. We must stop festering in our own tractability and become active participants in our Republic; for if we leave its security to politicians that have become drunk with power and influence, we will have nothing but a flagitious government that utilizes legislation to usurp individual liberties. Conversely, there are those that argue the aforementioned description is exaggerated, and saying so only encourages needless dissent. Another sector of society believes we are becoming trapped in a governmentally manifested black hole and its gravitational field is pulling liberty and individual sovereignty towards an event horizon. If we fail to change course and reach the point of no return we will become compressed into the singularity, and true liberty, lacking escape velocity, will become lost and formless. A rather grandiose viewpoint, wouldn't you say? But it is the one I would prescribe to, and why? As stated above we have removed ourselves from participation, and voting is not substantive enough to qualify as interaction, in fact, it can be classified as finite intercedence. Without maintaining accountability throughout the term of a given politician the people will fail in procuring proper representation, which in turn leaves us with the aforesaid taxation without representation. We continue to circle the black hole with every new administration, waiting to be completely sucked in.

Furthermore, by leaving the politicians to their own vices our extrication from the process (being an engaged electorate) has only emboldened their hubris, which is a normative byproduct of an unsupervised malefactor. The absence of any form of resistivity by the citizenry inevitably leads to the same conclusion; an unattended causality will manifest a dichotomy that yields a superordinate and a subordinate, and the superordinate, through its positional aspect, will continually manufacture reasons to sustain itself and status. And we are not the superordinate. I must, however, add a proviso to my averment, and that is the superordinate will surround themselves with the mechanisms needed for sustainability, because in and of itself self-preservation cannot guarantee re-election.

I asseverate that we, as a collective people, have become lethargic and disconnected from our own providence. We have let the people who refuse to enact personal responsibility, have a basic understanding of free market economics, appreciate and value liberty and its cost, gain the position of the majority. Do you want to be taken care of by the government? Do you want the fruits of your labor to be equitably redistributed so that every individual is guaranteed a slice? Are you your stranger's keeper? Have you lost the will to exercise your right of free speech? Why do you remain mute as the government increases taxation (legalized theft) to pay for programs and other iniquities you did not want to be a part of? Do you think that simply because the other political party is in effect that all our problems will disappear? Even if given enough time? Do you believe that we are a Democracy or a Republic? Most of us cannot cite the distinguishing features between the two, and we have not, in quite some time, acted like a true Republic.

The majority of the Democrats out there will argue that this assertion is superfluous, and not representative of the entire picture. In previous posts I have referred to this form of visual acuity as kaleidoscopic reality. When viewing something through your own prism you will see whatever you want to, and it will always be subjectively palatable. Meaning, what one visually perceives is filtered through the processes of the mind and then modified by individual bias. The totality of all things perceived, as well as the residuum of past experience, are two determinants that will distort judgment and preclude logic and objectivity from reaching a reasonable, neutral conclusion. I must, however, be ingenuous and state that the Republicans are an equal reflection of this characteristic. They are by no means immune, for their proclivities are well known.

So what do we do now? Our government, with its unyielding appetite to amass authority and size has manifested into some quasi-lusus naturae, but it wasn't done overnight. Upon acknowledging that we should not believe that there isn't irreversibility or irreducibility, or that our actions will not have a substantive impact on governmental malversation. There is an enormous amount of like-minded individuals who feel the same way as you and are seeking redress against the excesses of power, taxation, and legislation. I believe that we must connect with each other to formulate a qualitative response, for an intransigent government such as ours responds to numbers. We can no longer afford, both figuratively and literally, to remain in seclusion while an intractable government redistributes our economic and political freedoms in true collectivist fashion.

There are certain avenues I am taking that are in-line with my views and there are those that are not, but we all have the same goal. Isn't that what really matters? It doesn't have to be the 912 project, but it needs to be something. There are counter-groups out there who align themselves with our current administration and seek social, political, and economic justice. This is code for redistribution, and participation that is mandated and not voluntary, is the antithesis of liberty and freedom of choice. If you have questions on what to do or where to go, please feel free to ask me. So, will you participate?


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