Monday, May 4, 2009

When a Good Idea Causes Harm

Would you agree that people are motivated to do good, for their themselves as well the societal construct? I believe that the most basic elements of our personality are fundamentally good, but much harm has been propagated by one's concept of, “a good ideal.” Oftentimes their conception of what good is will lead them to the conclusion that if it is not adopted on mass; it should be obligated by coercion because such high ideals can only have a singular conclusion, which is a virtuous materialization of their generosity to a lesser beneficiary. Furthermore, when the one multiplies and becomes a unified body, and in turn becomes the principle, an ideal morphs and it is perverted into an ideology that permeates into every facet of your daily life. Surely, you must realize this as a relevant truism. Individualism is dead, we are in age of collective progressivism that only permits a restrictive form of individual sovereignty, in so much that a benefit to the aggregate can be yielded to advance the aforementioned ideal.

Their [collective progressivists] hope of moralistic uptopianism can be channeled by enacting legislation and the political enforcement of social justice. But in doing so they dangerously disregard a secondary byproduct of their quixotic prospicience, and that is, a perpetuated state of welfare dependence that doesn't foster a sense of personal responsibility. Why earn something yourself, and be in a better position to increase the standard of your life, if you know the government will just subsidize it for you? It is painfully obvious that the welfare state is nothing short of a cancerous tumor that is reaching inoperability. We fail to recognize that with every new government program the individual's sense of responsibility and core function are severely lessened. One will not engage in a pursuit of their own legitimacy if they know they can acquire benefits without the exertion of energy. This, in fact, describes a large portion of our society, but luckily there is another segment of our population who are competent and self-actuating. They refuse to be socially engineered to exist for the sake of others, the results of their efforts are their's alone and they believe in their indefeasible freedom to live by their own providence.

Collectivists will argue that this form of individuation is an archetype of selfishness and isolationism, but in reality, it is the obverse. Being a singularity merely conveys the understanding of having a participatory responsibility within society, and not that of a parasitic organism that feeds of the proletariat. Individuals are cogs in a much larger machine that requires every mechanism to be in use, functionality can only be assured in this manner, and they understand this premise. But even presented with this logic our current socio-political system moves forward with assimilation, and any representation of free will be supplanted with the “collective right.” Means of production, distribution, and exchange, whether yours or somebody elses, will be collectively owned and controlled by the state, this will ensure voluntary surrender and sacrifice to an “enforced equality.” Thus, individualism will continue to be denigrated and ostracized by the political left and their sycophantical Remilegia (sucker fish), all remnants will be swiftly disintegrated and the essence of one's self will revert to historical insignificance. All because someone had a good idea.

Can we not agree that within a very short time we have witnessed limited government slipping into antiquity? We are no longer a Republic, but a contrived state of dependency. Political hegemonism has fabricated a designed necessity for a welfare bureaucracy, and this indoctrination has been very pertinacious, so much so that most of us are left mentally desuetude. By having a good idea we were told what was better for us, through lethargy we have neglected to question and prohibit this leviathan from intensifying its grasp. Along the way we have failed to remember that government is not self-existent, but instituted by men for a limited purpose, all authority so prescribed or constituted is delegated and not presumed. Sadly, this Constitutional truism has also been eviscerated from our Republic gut as power has been sought beyond its original scope and confinement, abuses have occurred and liberties are increasingly restricted and or nullified. Just like GM our government is too big to fail, so I guess we will have to wait until someone else comes around with another good idea.

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Ross said...

Great post, though I would add one thing. Our government is not too big to fail. It's too big NOT to fail.