Sunday, April 19, 2009

The DHS Report: Look Mom, I am an Extremist!!!

As I am sure most of you are acutely aware, there is public outrage stemming from a recently released report from the Department of Homeland Security. This intelligence assessment contains target specificity and delineates the causal factors that may lead to violence, thus disrupting both the State and Federal governmental dynamic. If you have not read the actual report there will be a link below that leads to the entire DHS Assessment. After reading it you might be inclined to observe a thinly veiled synonymity between a Napolitano led DHS and Himmler's Schutzstaffel. Tyranny is still tyranny regardless of whether it is soft handed or intentionally overt, unsparing, and exacting in its application.

Unless you are a student of history you might not be cognizant of Heinrich Himmler's, Operation Himmler, which was a fabricated pretext for war against the country of Poland (and others). Under the false pretense of Polish involvement they intentionally generated delusive attacks on the German populace, thereby justifying Germany's invasion and all the atrocities that were to follow as a conditional circumstance of their engagement. On a collateral point of reference, the Nazi's also set fire to their governmental buildings and blamed said attacks on other individuals, thus creating the pivotal factor that would allow them to successfully seize power and abrogate all liberties.

The following is a brief excerpt taken from the Scope subsection of the DHS report:

(U) Scope

"The information is provided to federal, state, local, and tribal counterterrorism and law enforcement officials so they may effectively deter, prevent, preempt, or respond to terrorist attacks against the United States. Federal efforts to influence domestic public opinion must be conducted in an overt and transparent manner, clearly identifying United States Government sponsorship."

The first footnote at the base of the page states this:

"(U) LAW ENFORCEMENT INFORMATION NOTICE: This product contains Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) information. No portion of the LES information should be released to the media, the general public, or over non-secure Internet servers. Release of this information could adversely affect or jeopardize investigative activities."

You will also observe that this report will specificate what primers are causal agents and why they will manifest extremist action. Here are a few:

  • 2nd Amendment restrictions
  • Illegal immigration
  • Current economic and political climate
  • Paranoid of foreign regimes
  • Fear of Communist regimes
  • Disgruntled military vets

To end their report they provide a reporting notice, here is what this says:

"(U) Reporting Notice:

(U) DHS encourages recipients of this document to report information concerning suspicious or criminal activity to DHS and the FBI. The DHS National Operations Center (NOC) can be reached by telephone at 202-282-9685 or by e-mail at For information affecting the private sector and critical infrastructure, contact the National Infrastructure Coordinating Center (NICC), a sub-element of the NOC. The NICC can be reached by telephone at 202-282-9201 or by e-mail at The FBI regional phone numbers can be found online at When available, each report submitted should include the date, time, location, type of activity, number of people and type of equipment used for the activity, the name of the submitting company or organization, and a designated point of contact."

Lastly, to read the entire report go to the DHC Assessment, and then ask yourself, are you a right wing extremist?

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