Friday, March 27, 2009

Cause & Effect

We are stuck in a convoluted mess that is littered with cancerous mutants, constantly draining whatever attention span we have left until our concentration is utterly discomposed. But beyond the morose villainy that comprises Wall Street, the Banking Systems, and our political commissars, is the illusory promise of cause and effect that ultimately determines our freedom from despotic control. In a broader understanding, it is one's observance of a "thing" that objectively exists in such a way as to create misconstruction of its actual nature. The causal agent is the illusory promise, and it can be stated that causality is a true measure of determining the veracity of human motivation. Our actions, and even our very words, produces consequences, both intended and unintended.

The unintended consequences are what I refer to as, "collateral variables," which are not necessarily the primary byproduct of an action, but nevertheless manifests because their connectivity is rooted in the initial effect. So how do they use cause to motivate another to a specific outcome? They create a lateral shift in viewpoint by comparing a thing to another, thereby shifting blame and responsibility so the truth itself is fallaciously discredited or dislocated. The mere shifting of one's perspective is enough to bury the truth because the true nature of a thing has been manipulated to a desired effect. If you stifle your own ability to think for yourself and preclude rationalism from interceding, you lose your personal sovereignty.

If you look at a news program and the host is interviewing someone, and underneath their name are the words, strategist or contributor, then it is likely they view truth through their own prism. Their job is to not necessarily tell the truth, but a proximal facsimile of the truth. Just enough to sound or appear true, but not entirely true when dissected closely. When you listen to someone pay close attention to what they say, what they leave out, and their bodily actions and features as they engage you in discourse. Educate yourself and become cognizant of the various political attitudes and positions of your state representatives, average citizens, and those external to your state.

Politicians utilize cause and effect to help them acquire power and leverage, this in turn preserves party influence and guarantees seated authority. Do not become another spoke in a wheel and reside yourself to a predetermined outcome. To see things for what they are you have to look beyond the illusion and understand the cause of an action, only then will you be able to deny them the effect they so desperately need.

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